Delicious And Nutritious Thanksgiving Options Abound For Elders In Anaheim Hills

Thanksgiving is fast arriving, but is your diabetes making the upcoming feast something to dread more than look forward to? How can someone with diabetes still enjoy the fullness of Thanksgiving without hurting their health in the process?

At A-1 Home Care in Anaheim Hills, we provide diabetic care services that come to the comfort of the home with diverse caregivers and an array of elder care solutions.

A-1 Home Care

Check out 3 helpful dietary tips below for enjoying the perfect Thanksgiving that won’t leave you with an upset stomach and plenty of regret later:

Eat Breakfast.

Some people assume that they will have “more room” in their stomachs for the massive nightly feast if they skip meals earlier in the day. But in reality, sticking to a normal eating schedule makes it easier to avoid overindulging come nighttime. Also, remember to remind the meal’s cook(s) of any dietary restrictions that you or your loved one may have.

Enjoy Mashed Potatoes Without Butter And Normal Milk.

Making mashed potatoes with whole milk and butter is an easy way to upset your diabetes further. Instead, use low or nonfat milk and margarine as substitute ingredients in your tasty taters.

Remember Your Veggies.

With all the food across the table, it might be hard to overlook all the cranberry sauce, thick turkey, and heavy mashed potatoes in favor of the raw vegetables. But fight the urge and indulge in raw or steamed vegetables for a change. Fill your plate halfway with vegetables during each serving, which makes it easier to avoid overeating on unhealthy meal options come Thanksgiving dinner.

To learn more about the leading in-home care services available in Southern California, contact an A-1 Home Care caregiver today at (562) 929-8400 or (949) 650-3800. A-1 Home Care provides leading caregiver services to surrounding communities in Diamond Bar, Tustin, Orange, Garden Grove, and Villa Park.

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